High School Social Studies Program

Important Notes for Mrs. Dyson's Room:
  • Have a writing utensil every day!
  • Leave your snacks in your locker!
  • Bring your own ear buds or headphones!
  • Wear your deodorant!
  • Bring a hoodie; only one temperature in this room! COLD
  • We take turns picking out music as long as it isn't foul!
  • Be on time or you will be marked tardy!
  • Use nice language!
  • Sleep at home!

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Coulterville History Video 1

This video was created by the first year students in Local History. Each student chose a topic of interest. The information presented is based on pictures available and the research compiled in the Glimpses of Coulterville books. Topics in this video include: the Roxy Theater, Coal Mines, the Adami Hotel, and the School Fire. Watch this video and learn something new about Coulterville's History.
See what our students have been working on!
Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year! I am so excited to share my German candy and cookies with you! I have a ton of pictures of my Europe trip, so be ready!
2019-2020 SY Classes:
1st- Government
2nd- Geography
3rd- Local History
4th- Civics
5th- World History/
6th- US History
7th- Free Period