Senior and 8th Grade Parents: Attached below are files for Recognition Ads for the Yearbook. With your graduate missing out on so many end of year activities and celebrations, we have plenty of room in the Yearbook to recognize each of our graduates! Fill out the form below, and send it to Mrs. Richter at her home address that is given in the document. 
To any parents: Yearbook forms are also attached below. The Yearbook Staff has worked hard to make a Yearbook that includes our normal coverage, but also has unique coverage from our COVID-19 break. These can also be sent to Mrs. Richter are her home address given in the document. 
Do you have pictures from a school event? A game you went to? Homecoming or Prom? Have the chance to put them in the yearbook using ReplayIt! Download the ReplayIt app, and be able to share any photos with the Yearbook Staff, so your pictures can be remembered forever. 
Using ReplayIt is safe and private, so your photos are not all over the Internet. Only those with Coulterville log-ins and the Yearbook Staff can see them!
Please contact Mrs. Richter for any questions regarding the yearbook! 
Call: 618-758-2881