Coulterville School Art Program

         Welcome to the Coulterville School Art Program!
Description: Students in grades Kindergarten through Junior High (K-8) participate in learning basic techniques  of drawing, painting, crafts, abstract art, art history, art education, and variety of more advanced skills.
         Supplies Needed:  All students need to please supply the following Art supplies. Supplies are  
                                         used each following year or until needed to be replaced.
            * 8 x 11 " sketchbook.
            (Can be found at Dollar General/Dollar Tree stores for $1.00 -$2.00
              or Wal-mart for under $5.00) 
            (Students may use Sketch books the following consecutive years until filled).
           * One bottle of glue
           * One box of colored pencils  (These will not be shared with other students).
           * One box of 24 crayons- Crayola ( These will not be shared with other students)   
           * One small bottle of glitter
           * One conatiner of Clorax wipes
           * One box of regular pencils
               If any help is needed for supplies please feel free to contact me and arrangements can be made. 
                                                                          About the Art Program:
  I am honored to be able to bring back an Art program for our students this year. I teach classes Kindergarten through Junior High and next year will also include High School. Each class is approximetly 30 min. long daily. The program covers a range of skills learned including the elements of art and their imortance, primary and secondary colors, the deveopment of fine motor skills, following directions, variuos art mediums, art history and education, study of individual artists, crafts, drawing, and painting skills. The students are very talented and always ready for the next project!      
                                                              About the teacher: Mrs. Tracy Wolf :
I graduated from Belleville Area College with an Associates degree. I then transferred to the Education program at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. I graduated from SIUC with a teaching degree and Masters in Education. Through out my college career I was always interested in the arts and I aquired many hours in different mediums of art as well as other endorsements. I was then hired in 2005 at Coulterville School where I first taught Junior High Math and Science for four years.  I moved onto teach third grade, fifth grade and now I am teaching Art K-8th grade full time. I can honestly say that I love my position as the Art teacher! I am blessed to work with many very talented students. Everyday is a fun experience and I hope to continue to  bring a wonderful art program to our school.   
   I am married to my husband Chris and we have a daughter Zoey who attends our school. I enjoy the outdoors, love animals, Art and Science and of course Marvel movies.  
We are always accepting any of the following items to use in our class, if you come across them: Thank you in advance!
* old newspapers                        * pencils 
* old magazines                          * recycled posterboard
* recycled paper                          * smooth rocks (small)
* tp or paper towell rolls