Coulterville School Art Program

         Welcome to the Coulterville School Art Program!
  1. Description: Students in grades Kindergarten through High School (K-12) participate in learning basic techniques  of drawing, painting, crafts, abstract art, art history, art education, and more.
         Supplies Needed:  All students need to please supply the following Art supplies. 
            * 8 x 11 " sketchbook
            (Students may use Sketch books the following years until filled)
           * One box of markers 
           * One box of 24 crayons- Crayola         
           * One pack of colored pencils           
           * One roll paper towels
              * If any help is needed for supplies please feel free to contact me and arrangements can be made. 
  About the Art Program:
  I am honored to be able to bring back an Art program for our students this year. I teach classes Kindergarten through Junior High and next year will also include High School. Each class is 30 min. long daily. The program covers a range of skills learned including the elements of art and their importance, primary and secondary colors, the development of fine motor skills, following directions, art mediums, art history and education, study of individual artists, crafts, drawing, and painting skills. The students are very talented and always ready for the next project!      
Dear Art Students: 
Below is your Art assignment through April 3rd - May 15th  Take your time just like in class and try to enjoy doing your assignment. Do your best on a blank sheet of paper or whatever you have that will work. Once your picture is complete please take a picture of your work and email it to me at my address which is....
* Make sure your Name and grade level is written clearly on front of your artwork 
* Check for your due dates below, you have a couple of days or more for each assignment. 
* I will grade each assignment and record that you have completed it. 
Grade/Class :  Kindergarten and First
* Assignment 1 ( April 3-April 7th) :  Draw a picture of your family at home.
                                                           Due by Tuesday April 7th by 3 pm
*Assignment 2 ( April 8 - April 15th): Draw a picture of your favorite animal
                                                           Due on Wed, April 15th by 3pm 
* Assignment 3 ( April 16-April 17th) Draw something that makes you happy
                                                           Due on Friday April 17th by 3pm
Grade/ Class: Second and Third
*  Assignment 1:  Draw a picture of your family and your house
                               Due by Tuesday April 7th by pm
* Assignment 2: Draw the coolest tree house that you can imagine.
                             Due April 15th by 3 pm
* Assignment 3: Draw a food that you do not like to eat.
                             Due April 17th by 3 pm
Grade/Class: Fourth and Fifth
* Assignment 1:  Draw a self-portrait or picture of you
                            Due April 7th by 3 pm
*Assignment 2: Choose an animal and try to draw a realistic picture.
                          Due April 15th by 3 pm
 Assignment 3: Draw a still life object. Set up any object on a surface and draw a realistic version
                           Due April 17th by 3 pm
Grade/Classs:  Junior High (6th - 8th 
* Sketch an enlarged picture of an owl's face. Shade and add detail with pencil
  or any other material you have. Project due by Friday April 17th
 ( photograph and send to
Grade/Class:  High School
* Sketch your vision ( realistic) of an "alien" or any being not from Earth. Include detail and a background.
Use your imagination and add shading and creativity. Project is due by Friday April 17th
( Photograph and send to wolf@cvillecusd1.o                                                                                                      
 Kindergarten and First Grades                                                                                                                                  
Mon. 4/20 - Tue. 4/21      Assignment 1: Draw yourself riding on a unicorn
Wed. 4/22 - Fri. 4/24        Assignment 2: Draw and color a magical animal
Second and Third Grades
Mon. 4/20 - Tue. 4/21      Assignment 1: Draw a magical elf? What does he/she look like ?
Wed. 4/22 - Fri. 4/ 24       Assignment 2:  Draw a treasure chest. What is inside? 
Fourth and Fifth Grades
Mon. 4/20 - Tue. 4/21      Assignment 1:  Draw a magical creature. What magic trick can he/she do?
Wed. 4/22 - Fri. 4/24       Assignment 2: Draw your best version of a dragon. Real or cartoon.
Junior High
Mon. 4/20 - Fri. 4/24    Draw your best realistic drawing of either a dragon or a unicorn. Add shading and details
                                        This drawing is due by 3pm on Friday 4/24 
High School
Mon. 4/20 - Fri. 4/24       Draw a magical fairy. Add a creative background with detail . This drawing is due by
                                        3pm on Friday 4/24
                                    Art Assignments (k-12) for April 27 - May 15th
Kindergarten -First Grade
* Mon. 4/27 - Wed. 4/29 :  Draw yourself as a superhero. What is your power?
* Thur. 4/30 - Fri. 5/1 :       Draw a snail. What is he/she doing?
* Mon. 5/4 - Wed. 5/6:       Draw a dog ( your pet or a cartoon)
* Thur. 5/7 - Fri. 5/8:          Draw anything that has spots.
*Mon. 5/11 - Wed. 5/13:    Draw a favorite toy
*Thur. 5/14 - Fri. 5/15:       Draw someone from your family (cartoon)
Second - Third Grades
* Mon. 4/27 - Wed. 4/29:     Draw a bird in its nest
* Thur. 4/30 - Fri. 5/1:          Draw your favorite flower
* Mon. 5/4 - Wed. 5/6:          Draw a cool pair of socks
*Thur. 5/7 - Fri. 5/8:              Draw something sweet
*Mon. 5/11 - Wed. 5/13:        Draw your favorite meal
*Thur. 5/14- Fri. 5/15:           Draw something messy
Fourth - Fifth Grades
*Mon. 4/27 - Wed. 4/29:         Go outside. Draw cloud shapes that you see in the sky.
*Thur. 4/30 - Fri. 5/1:              Draw your favorite flowers
*Mon. 5/4 -Wed. 5/6:              Draw a close up of an eye
*Thur. 5/7 - Fri. 5/8:                Draw something that you need  
*Mon. 5/11 - Wed. 5/13:          Draw a magical remote. What does it control?
*Thur. 5/14 - Fri. 5/15:             Draw your best friend and yourself  (cartoon version)
Junior High 
Mon. 4/ 27 - Wed. 5/6:             Draw a robin (bird). Find one out in your yard or use a picture to look
                                                 at. Work on showing detail and try to make look realistic.
Thur. 5/7 - Fri. 5/15                  Draw a set of keys on a key chain. One is a magical key. Try to
                                                   show detail and be creative.
High School
Mon. 4/27 - Wed. 5/6:                Draw a small city inside of a clear light bulb. Be creative!
Thur. 5/7 - Fri. 5/15:                   Draw a favorite high school memory from this year.
To all students :  Thank you very much for the students who have been turning in art assignments.
                              I really appreciate your efforts during this difficult time. I hope you enjoyed working
                              on your art work. I know that is difficult with no instruction or personal contact but 
                              the pictures I have received are looking wonderful. All assignments turned in are 
                              recorded. Those with incomplete work will have to make up work when returning 
                               to school next year. I wish all families safety and good health. I hope things will
                               return to a "normal" so we can return to school, I miss everyone!