Coulterville School Art Program

               Welcome to the Coulterville School Art Program!
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  1. Students in grades K- 5th grade participate in learning basic techniques  of drawing, painting, crafts, and creative art work.
  2. Junior High grades 6-8 participate in intermediate drawing skills, acrylic and watercolor painting, and creative drawing. Art history, art styles, and other art education also included. 
  3. High school : Art I and II - Creative Art-Comprehensive: provides students with the knowledge and opportunity to explore an art form and to create individual works of art .  Art III - Creative Art-Painting: covers the same topics as Creative Art-Drawing , but focuses on watercolor painting. Art IV -Photography: course exposes students to the materials, processes, and artistic techniques of taking artistic photographs. Includes editing photos in students artistic style, operation of camera, composition, lighting techniques, depth of field, filters, and camera angles.
         art supplies   Art Supplies for 2021-2022 
            * One small bottle acrylic / craft paint-any color
                * One box tissues
                * Colored pencils ( Put name on-personal use only)
                (JH - 6-8) 
              * One small bottle acrylic/ craft paint- any color
                  * One box tissues
                  * Colored pencils ( Put name on- personal use only)
                 (HS- ART I and II) 
              * Colored pencils -24 colors or more ( Put name on-personal use only)
                  * one small package baby wipes
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